Colgate<sup>®</sup> 360° Sensitive Pro-Relief<sup>™</sup> Toothbrush

Colgate® 360° Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothbrush

For patients with exposed dentin and/or dentin hypersensitivity: a gentle, soft clean


  • 48% softer bristles for sensitive teeth and gums*
  • Compact head and raised cleaning tip for access to posterior areas

*vs an ordinary soft manual toothbrush.

Mode of Action

Superior plaque removal when compared to an ordinary soft manual toothbrush.1 Soft bristles reach interproximally and along the gingival margin to help remove plaque. A raised cleaning tip provides access to posterior areas. And a textured tongue and cheek cleaner removes odor-causing bacteria.

Reference 1.Data on file. Colgate-Palmolive Ltd. 2006.

Proof of Efficacy

  • Bristles reach interproximally, and along the gingival margin, to help remove plaque
  • A raised cleaning tip provides access to posterior areas

Clinical comparison of the Colgate® 360° Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothbrush on breath volatile sulfur compounds
Williams M.


This randomized, crossover clinical study indicate that a newly designed manual toothbrush (Colgate® 360° Sensitive Pro-Relief) with a tongue-cleaning implement on the back of the brush head was significantly more effective than three commercially available toothbrushes in reducing morning breath VSC associated with oral malodor.